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Schedule For: Basketball

Wednesday 28th June 2017
Event Heat Time VenueComment
Men's Basketball Quarterfinals 09:00 ICA Maxi Arena Quarterfinal - Saaremaa vs Isle of Wight
Men's Basketball Quarterfinals 11:15 ICA Maxi Arena Quarterfinal - Guernsey vs Froya
Women's Basketball Group Stage 13:30 ICA Maxi Arena Gibraltar vs Cayman Islands
Men's Basketball Quarterfinals 15:45 ICA Maxi Arena Quarterfinal - Gibraltar vs Menorca
Men's Basketball Place 9-11 16:30 A7, Visby Faroe Islands vs Isle of Man
Men's Basketball Quarterfinals 18:00 ICA Maxi Arena Quarterfinal - Cayman Islands vs Jersey
Women's Basketball Placing 5/6/7 20:15 ICA Maxi Arena 4th Group A-3 Group B
Women's Basketball Placing 5/6/7 20:15 ICA Maxi Arena Jersey vs Isle of Man

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